Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Music so bad it's good

I once worked with a guy who was very knowledgeable about music. He was in a band, reviewed new albums as a freelancer, and knew more about bands than anyone else I hung out with. And although he loved all kinds of music, he was especially big into folk music and artsy stuff.

And the ringtone on his cellphone was Milkshake.


When I heard I asked him about the ringtone and he extolled its virtues I figured, it's official: everyone has some guilty pleasure music.

I'm willing to bet that I have more than most people, and I am equally eager to admit that I love my guilty pleasure music unabashedly. I'll listen to it in my car with the windows down and the volume cranked. I'll listen at work, in the shower, at a party, or while doing chores. It's music so bad it's good.

Do I have a go-to tongue-in-cheek rap song from the '90s? Yup. Highly embarrassing Spice Girls CDs and '80s movie soundtracks? Uh-huh. Several burned CDs with inappropriate music from Eminem and 50 Cent? Sure do. Songs sung by cartoon characters? Definitely. But doesn't everyone?

While you think about your own list, I give you this, for your viewing pleasure:



トルーマン said...

I wish I was a little bit taller.

I also wonder who Shaniqua is.

Those are my inner thoughts, at present. ;)

Danielle E. Brown said...

I forgot about Shaniqua! Love that song...